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New Features Claudia
10.02.2005 [] - Permalink

We updated the site today, adding:
  • Blogging to most major blog sites, including WordPress, MovableType and LiveJournal, among others. (Unfortunately, posting to TypePad is not quite working yet -- check back later this week.)
  • E-mail documents, images notes, etc. directly into Writely.
  • Indicators in the document lists for published and blogged documents.
  • An enhanced Actions menu in the document editor.
  • Handy one-click shortcuts in Collaborate, Publish and Blog.
  • Bookmarks and a better insert link dialog.
  • New line-spacing formats.
  • Better blog post title editing.

Sorry it's been awhile between updates. We're determined not to let it go this long again!

Please let us know if you have any problems posting to your blog from Writely, as there are a lot of little bits that could potentially go wrong, and our goal is to make it be painless.


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