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Revised Revisions Claudia
11.11.2005 [] - Permalink

Just the other day, someone remarked that for folks who make communication tools, we sure don't post a lot to our blog.

It's true, but what can I say? We're really busy!

Speaking of which, we put up some new stuff yesterday:
  • A completely redone Revisions tab.
    You can page through your revisions just like before, but also get a list of all revisions and compare any two. We now display each collaborator's edits in a different background color, and deletions as colored, strike-out text.

  • Revamped Blog tab.
    A cleaner page layout should make it more obvious how to use it. The option to include the title or not is now global, and a link to edit the title has been added.

  • Revamped Publish tab.
    As with the Blog tab, the layout has been simplified, and a Stop Publishing button added.

  • Many bug fixes.
    Including correct timezones for blog posting, a workaround for Blogger's unbalanced tag touchiness, and working page break insertion on FireFox.

  • Miscellaneous enhancements.
    More fonts in the drop-down menu, full paragraph justification and block quotes.

Next up (before American Thanksgiving, on the 24th), we're hoping to release our new, in-progress conversion back-end, which will include support for OpenOffice files, RTF, PDF (export-only), Word Perfect, and more. It will also include a much better Word conversion, thanks to the awesome folks at OpenOffice.org (and Froilan! and Gabor!).

After that, we've got several weeks of tough, meaty work to do, which won't result in a big bullet-list of features, but should greatly improve collaborative editing.

If I haven't mentioned a feature or improvement you've been waiting for, not to worry -- we've got a list about a mile long of things to do after these two releases. Also, we tend to do things iteratively, so that we're constantly improving the site. This means that we'll probably implement at least part of something you've been waiting for before too long. Non-Roman character sets, comments, styles/templates and improved printing are all high-priority for us. And, at some point, we will localize as well, undoubtedly starting with Spanish.

And, last, the big question: when might we start charging for things? That plan hasn't changed. We don't plan to offer premium subscriptions until we come out of beta, which will be early next year -- when our quality is high enough. (Nothing on the site as of this post is considered premium; everything you see is still just basic stuff).


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