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Writely in the News Jen
11.03.2005 [] - Permalink

Writely has been in the news a lot, lately...just today we got a mention in a Business Week article about Microsoft's "Live" software announcement. Judging from the announcement, it doesn't look like Microsoft is going to crush us any time soon ;-}

On another note, did you know that November is the National Novel Writing Month? This is a very cool, grassroots-organized event turned non-profit that is partnered with Room to Read, the international children's literacy program. I only know about it because there are at least a handfull of folks who are using Writely to author their novels...they can log in to write from work, home, a friend's house or even email some creatively inspired prose from their cell phone! OK, maybe that last one won't actually happen, but isn't it cool to know that you could do it if you really wanted to??? Speaking of novels, my brother has written one and just this last week got an agent to help him get published! Yay, Bean :-)))

Last but not least, we sent emails to 1,000 Writely users last week inviting them to fill out a survey to help us make Writely better. These were all folks who had logged into Writely once, but not subsequently and we want to know what we can do to make Writely more compelling or "sticky," as they say in the candy business. The good news is that most folks hadn't logged in again not because they felt that Writely sucked in some way, but because they "haven't had the time, but intend to keep using Writely." In case you're wondering, that's short-hand for "cleaning my toilet is higher on my priority list than using your mildly interesting product." However we are not daunted!! We comb all the feedback we get for great new ideas and we even just started a Writely User Forum to get more tips, tricks and suggestions from our beloved users. Yes, I'm kissing up but it's actually heart-felt.

Oh one other thing...this was my first blog posting EVER! Excuse me as I need to go drink a cool glass of water and breathe deeply now...


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