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Spam, spam, spam, spam... Claudia
2.09.2006 [35 comments] - Permalink

Looking for that unclaimed million-dollar lottery ticket? Instant university degrees? Various enlargement creams or shrinking pills? Please look elsewhere!

It is so frustrating for us to discover that some loser has been sitting in his basement cranking out unsolicited e-mails with forged writely.com server addresses on them. As if!

We take our business and our reputation very seriously. Over the last week, we've investigated thoroughly the complaints of 6 users who have received spam e-mails with writely.com in the e-mail header. All of these turned out to be fakes.

(FYI, the purpose of the e-mail header is to show all the server stops that the e-mail made on its way from the sender to the recipient. There's a helpful, much more detailed explanation about e-mail headers on stopspam.org if you want to learn more).

If you receive a dubious e-mail on our behalf, please forward it to us at abuse@writely.com, so we can continue to investigate!

February Already? Claudia
2.01.2006 [34 comments] - Permalink

Events conspired to keep the latest changes from appearing in January. Nonetheless, we just released:

  • An improved active documents tab.
    It's now much shorter and only includes documents from the last month. No more truncated titles, tags or document names -- and, the columns are now sortable. Active documents now appear bold in the lists.

  • The ability to empty the Trash.
    Finally! Get rid of unwanted documents, shared or private. If they're not yours, you'll just be removed from them.

  • List numbering and styles.
    Nest lists, start numbering them at whatever you like, and display them as alphabetic, numeric, roman numerals, etc. You can also move list items up and down through the context menu (I just moved this list item up one -- cool!).

  • Blog posting with categories.
    Whatever tags you apply to your documents will now get passed through as blog categories. A very popular request!

  • Selecting viewers to e-mail when publishing.
    Checkboxes let you control who to include in your messages.

  • Various bug fixes.
    Pasted links in the HTML view remain intact; context menus and spelling suggestion menus no longer fall off the edges of the window if they're too close to the side or too long; and more. We also shifted some items between the File and Edit menus, when some of you pointed out our inconsistencies.

Firefox released a patch today that fixed the pasting bugs that have been plaguing us. We worked around most of them (insert link, bookmark, etc.), but plain ol' pasting wasn't something we could fix. If your copy of Firefox didn't prompt you to update, just go to Help > Check for Updates.


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