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Wanna Webby? (we do) Jen
4.20.2006 [47 comments] - Permalink

We recently found out that Writely has been nominated for two Webby Awards in the Best Practices and Service categories. This is a big honor, and we'll find out in just a few short weeks whether we will win. We would be extremely psyched to win one of these awards.

It turns out that there are actually two sets of awards: one for the official Webby Winners (judges select these) and another for the Webby People's Awards Winners (you online voters choose these). I figure if every happy user votes for Writely, we could have a chance to win that People's Awards hands-down.

To be clear, all the other nominees are really impressive. I feel like I'm talking about "my fellow actors" now - Webby awards are often referred to as "The Online Oscars" - the competition is an esteemed group. May the best sites win!

P.S. The voting deadline is midnight on May 5th...

Post-April Fool's Post Jen
4.07.2006 [128 comments] - Permalink

Having missed the opportunity to do an April Fool's blog post, we actually have something reasonably blog-worthy to share today.

In response to your requests, we've just raised the new collaborator invitation limit from 20 to 50. And we've been working very hard (no vacations for the Writely gang) to move Writely to Google's systems, too. We've made good progress, but we aren't ready to open the beta up again to uninvited registrations. Raising the limit, though, should especially help you teachers out there who are using Writely for class assignments and need to invite a slew of students as new Writely users.

Also in response to your feedback, and to help ensure that we get back to you more quickly for urgent support issues, we've put up a new feedback page. It's much better than our old one because now you can categorize what you're emailing us about. That way we can quickly spot the really important stuff (like if you're having trouble signing in or accessing your documents) and get back with you promptly to resolve issues.


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