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Hello...anybody there? Jen
5.09.2006 [50 comments] - Permalink

A lot of you have asked us how and when you can get Writely accounts, so we put together this quick Q&A which may answer your questions.

Q: I joined the wait list 2 weeks ago, and I still haven't gotten an invitation. When can I expect to get one?

A: Our plan is to start giving Writely accounts to folks on the wait list in early July. So if you're on it already, our goal is to give you access to Writely over the summer. If you're not on the wait list, get on it!

* * *

Q: I have a Writely account, but 12 of my friends are begging me for one. What can I do?

A: No need to wait until Writely registration opens up again. When you have a Writely account, you have the power to get your 12 friends in immediately. Just add them as collaborators on a Writely document and click "OK" to email them. You can invite up to 50 new people by adding them as collaborators to Writely documents.

* * *

Q: I have 75 students that need Writely for a class assignment in the fall - can you help?

A: As above, getting your students Writely accounts doesn't depend on registration opening up again. If you have a Writely account, invite several students and then ask them each to invite the rest. If you don't have a Writely account, get on the wait list and you'll most likely be able to get accounts for your students over the summer.

* * *

Q: So when *exactly* will you be opening registration again?

A: You have no idea how much we wish we could answer this right now! But there's still much to do, and we don't want to promise something we can't deliver. We're working as fast as we can -- really. And we really appreciate your avid interest in Writely.


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