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Writely registration is now open! Jen
8.17.2006 [] - Permalink

This week, we have finished inviting everyone who's been patiently on the waiting list, and have reopened registration to the public. If you haven't already, now is the time to sign up for the Writely beta!

Why have we reopened now? Maybe it was because we just won a very nice product review on CNET ... or maybe it was that ten-billionth person who emailed us to say, "Hey what's UP? When will Writely open again?" Well, in fact, now Writely is truly ready to open its doors to everyone, so let's just do it!

By the way, we're still going to be moving to a Google Account sign-in soon, so if you don't have one already it would be great if you could take a few minutes to sign up for a Google Account, using the email address and password that you're using to log into Writely. That way when we do move to Google Account sign-in, you'll be all set.

Great, at last. Thanks!
I think this is great news. Thanks! Just an fyi ... I had signed up for the waiting list with both my personal address and my gmail account, but never received an invitation at either.
Writely is working very well and is fast! I'm looking forward to using it to collaborate with others.
Thanks to the Writely team and congratulations with a job well done!
Ole Eskildsen
Can't wait to try Google's newest addition! Great Job.
How come my Google account does not work for Writely login? Wait a few days?
Doesn't look like Google accounts work with writely (yet)... I've signed up seperately for now but I'd love it to be integrated.

Writely document shared!
Why writely block Opera browser? It works fine in it. (When I change Ident - Mask as Mozilla)
I was on the waitlist but I never got an invitation... I'm glad you opened it up so that I could sign up at least.
Service is great! Spanisch spell scheck would be great =)
Your news is posted here:
Please move forward to be a first choice of document tool on-line.
When will this work with my gmail account, or never?
I just singned up and give it a test drive. It works well and is very user friendly. I created a document and then sent a share to someone else and they were able to view and edit my document. I'm very excited about this new tool.
Please remove the dated and unnecessary USER-AGENT filtering of Opera, or at the very least allow Opera 9 to access the service without restriction. When masking as Mozilla, there are no issues that cannot be resolved by removing this filtering.
What the... Writely doesn't support Safari? Come on now... what's up with all those waiting time? What's up with Google anyway how rarely provides product that is Mac-ready?
Safari support is missing because Safari itself doesn't properly support certain standards, such as Design Mode
Very impressed with this. If it doesn't work in your browser, try one that's more standards compliant.

I'm impressed with the speed of Writely, much more responsive than some blogging software and even the early beta of Google Spreadsheets I used. Keep up the good work!
Writley is really great - i love it!
Keep on going...
"By the way, we're still going to be moving to a Google Account sign-in soon" - how soon?
Writely is really good. But when I do collaborative editing with others it radically slows down my browser as if entire document is refreshed on regular time interval.
FYI, on that CNET review page, they list Writely as being incompatible with linux...
They lied, methinks...
I cannot access the Writely site using Seamonkey 1.0.3 on WinXP.

I get redirected to http://www.writely.com/?action=unsupported_browser, but that page seems to have a redirect to itself since I get an error page: "Redirect Loop
Redirection limit for this URL exceeded. Unable to load the requested page. This may be caused by cookies that are blocked."
Re - Seamonkey. If I modify my UserAgent to Firefox (using the Useragebt switcher) then writely works.

I think you need to check in the UA for Gecko of appropriate freshness rather than Firefox
Instructions for SeaMonkey now available in this Writely document
Yay! Congratulations and best of luck!

terrific! but can you tell us if/when Writely will be compatible with safari? many (many!) thanks.
I'm a korean new user.

korean language is well worked in Writely.

Writely has an impressive set of features.

Great job, Writely and Google staff. Good luck on account migration.

One question, though... I already have my gmail address as my email address, so... theoretically speaking, I won't need to do a thing about this migration?
I like the overall interface for writely.

But for Google to make money, there needs to be like Corporate appliance or something.

My company for sure will not upload any of their documents to the open web...
Jen, I'm starting to use Writely to demonstrate how collaborative authoring can be used in the pharmaceutical industry. You can see where I'm going by visiting my blog www.thelaszloletter.com. I'd love to hear your views on using Writely in an industry setting.
Jen, I am so excited for you guys!!!!!
This product is excellent.

Only been using it for 2 days and already it has given me new flexible ways of working and sharing documentation at home and at work.

The collaboration, where two people can be in the same document at the same time is unreal.

Sharing a document with a colleage where they add there comments to yours simply saves so much time and there is only ever one version of the document.

I'm converted.
I used writely to teach my English class of overseas students we were able to collaborate in the Cumputer Aided Language Learning (CALL)class room and I look forward to refining the lesson and introducing this fabulous Web 2.0 technology to people who are travelling and are now able access to their documents from any hotspot on the globe. Most of all I am eagerly anticipating all future upgrades.Luvyawork
Now it is seems young and simple, and I hoping it will grown up soon...
With this link:
you can log into Writely with SeaMonkey 1.0.4.
And after visiting this above link you can see page with info for 'unsupported' browsers:
which did not work before and contains first link.
Writely doesnt function properly.When i try to create a new document i get an error saying that javascript isnt enabled even though it is. My pc meets all the requirements including IE6 etc. Whats going on? Any ideas??
This is such a great idea. Any idea if you've plans to do a powerpoint version of this? That would be so, so, so useful.
Very solid product, writely crew. Lots to work on, of course, but that's why there's a "future" in which to do all that further development! :) Enjoy.
Open Writely for Opera users!

It can't be so friggin' hard!

For the Opera users who want to use Writely now, here's the work-around:
I'm already totally addicted to Writely! It was like a gift from heaven because I'm doing a lot of stuff with other people, creating scenario's etc. Now we can stop mailing documents to eachother. And because I now depend on Writely, other people that work with me they have to get an account too. How nice ;-)

Thanks Writely team! Nice job.
As an district staff development coordinator in education, I want to share this tool with educators and other ed administrators. Is there someone, from Writely(Google) who might be available via videoconference in October or November for a 30 minute demo and Q&A? We would love to see teachers use this in the classroom, adminstrators collaborate on documents, etc. The concern, of course, will be security.
Aloha! Writely! ;-)

Workz GREAT!!!



Thanks. Worth the wait
how do I set up easy access to the program on my desktop?
Congratulations to you all. I've been using Writely fairly regularly for several months and like it very much.
I was just wondering whether you plan to make any improvements and, if so, if you could give us an inkling of what these might be?
Please support Opera. Please?
I signed up twice for the waiting list (by accident) and never received an invitation either. Signed up now though.
But anyway, great to have my own personal writely account now. Thank you for this fab programme.

Just signed up and am already working on some stuff. Have sent you folks a mail as well.

The word count does not work on blocked text, seems to only work on the entire copy.

Do check this out..word count is a very important function for writers like me !

Funny how I did not receive any emails from writely. I ended up asking someone for an invite when I did not see anything in my emails, no worries, but found it odd is all.

Really like this online app and I'm finding great ways of using it. Personally I hope google makes a full set of online apps.
good news, i hope that i will be able to migrate to my google account which is gmail even though the writely address is different?! :S
Excellent tool! Thanks, guys :) Sometimes I wish I was working for Google :)
Writely needs gTalk connected into it.
Thanks for this great service! I love it!
I do hope that you'll offer an easy migration path to t hose of us who've been around for a year with our normal email address, since my google accounts address is definitely not the one I used. :)
When will the hodge-podge of Google Apps combine, and own?????
when will we be able to share the google spreadsheets the same way as in writely??? now we need two seperate places to go...
It's wonderful.Keep up the good works!
Is there an API available for driving Wriely by custom code?
Good blog!
You say everyone on the waiting list hot an invite already. Not true for me. The only reason I know it os now open is necause of a news aitem I read.

A great tool, but I'm sure you've missed a lot of people like me who signed on the waiting list and waited patiently for an invite.
Finally free from the proprietary frustration of Appleworks and Micro$quishy.

When you they go to place writely in Portuguese language
I have a very big problem with Writely

I just got an email from the "Writely Tem" that tells me that they have just created an account for me at "myname, our corporate doamin.com" on Googgle Mail

We really want an explination as how in the heck Writely can go out an create what looks like a mail acccount login at the domain that we control and use every day with our own systems.

And that is before wondering if such a creation will cause inbound mail to get screwed up and not come to our domain an its mailboxes.

We are not interested in web enabled anything, as it is a very big security leak in our enterprise

Thank You
We are not happy at all with the idea that now ther are
I only want to congratulate all guys who are in that project.

Thank you all for this great writely app!!
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This is alright, however, there are no visible page breaks... if this app is ever to be used corporately to replace Word etc. then surely company headers and footers are a must have.

Is there any way of building this in and allowing the user to select their paper source which will then be reflected on the document preview?

I have seen several similar programs none of which have cracked the problem described above as of yet. The first to do so will probably blow Microsoft out of the water!

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obviously one day Writely is gonna smash itself: with google docs.
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Writely is working very well and is fast! I'm looking forward to using it to collaborate with others.
Thanks to the Writely team and congratulations with a job well done!
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