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Scheduled Maintenance Completed Jen
6.26.2006 [51 comments links to this post ] - Permalink

We finished updating Writely yesterday afternoon. You shouldn't really see any differences, but if you come across anything unexpected, please report it immediately via our contact form. We'll be monitoring technical issues even more closely than usual over the next few days.

We really appreciate your patience during the time that the site was in view-only mode!

Scheduled Maintenance on July 25th Claudia
6.23.2006 [18 comments links to this post ] - Permalink

Writely will be down for scheduled maintenance this Sunday, June 25.

You will have view-only access to your documents during this time, so please plan accordingly.

To help you suffer as little as possible during this very temporary break from editing your Writely documents, we offer a few suggestions:
  • From Sam: find out who's winning the World Cup.
  • From Claudia: turn off the computer and read a book to your kids (Go, Dog. Go! is always a hit).
  • From Jen: check out Shakespeare online.
  • From Steve: if you simply must work on your documents on Sunday, save them to your hard drive and edit offline until Writely is back.

Once the maintenance is finished and the site is online again, we'll post again to let you know.


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