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Waitlist invitations...GO! Jen
7.25.2006 [40 comments] - Permalink

Last week we finally started sending Writely invitations to people on the waitlist. If all goes well, we should have everyone in before summer ends. And you might have already noticed that we lifted the invitation limit a few weeks ago. Now you can invite as many new folks as you like simply by adding them as collaborators on Writely documents.

Both of these developments may not seem like much, but in fact they're two important steps on the road to reopening Writely registration. The next big step is to move to a single and easy Google Account sign-in. We'll send email to Writely users a few days before making the change with instructions about migrating your account.

Please note that you can sign up now for a Google Account using any email address -- including your current Writely address. (You don't have to have one from Gmail.) Just go to http://www.google.com/accounts.

And there'll be more improvements coming in the fall -- we can hardly wait!


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