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Google Account Sign-in LIVE Jen
9.21.2006 [33 comments links to this post ] - Permalink

Last night we turned on Google Account sign-in for Writely. This change is fantastic for everyone because Google Accounts provide a lot more functionality and flexibility to our users than our old sign-in system did.

For example, if you use other Google services, such as Google Spreadsheets or Gmail, you'll be able to use the same login email and password for Writely. If you need to change your email address or delete your account, you can do those things in your Google Account without having to contact Writely support.

The change has gone really smoothly...probably because we tested the heck out of it over the last few weeks to make sure it worked 100%! The two issues that have come up have easy solutions, and they are:

Q: "I already have another email address with a Google Account. I don't want a second Google Account for the email address that I was using with Writely. How do I switch over from one email address to the other?"

A: We built a tool that enables you to move your documents from your old Writely account into your other Google Account. First, you log into Writely using the email address that you want to use going forward. At the bottom of the Active Documents list, there's a link that says "move documents from another Writely account." Click on that link and a wizard will walk you through the process. When that's done, you can then delete the Google Account that was created for the email address you used previously with Writely.

Q: "I don't want a Google Account. How do I delete the one that was created for my Writely email?"

A: If you delete the Google Account that was created for your Writely email, you will no longer have access to Writely or to any Writely documents. Please be sure that you want this outcome before deleting your Google Account.

If you experience any other sign-in issues, please contact Writely support.


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