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Scheduled maintenance for October 10th Claudia
10.10.2006 [53 comments links to this post ] - Permalink

Writely will be undergoing scheduled maintenance this Tuesday, October 10th starting at 9pm PST.

We would prefer that you don't try to edit your documents around this time, as the site may go up and down unexpectedly for short periods -- it could be unpleasant. If you need something else to do at that time, here are some ideas:
  • In North America, check out the first game of the World Series playoffs.
  • In South America, go to sleep -- writing after midnight is not advised!
  • In Europe, spend some extra time savoring your cup of morning coffee...
  • In Asia, check out the featured videos on You Tube (or Google Video, if you prefer ;).
Once the maintenance is finished, we'll post again to let you know.


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