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Scheduled maintenance for October 10th Claudia
10.10.2006 [56 comments] - Permalink

Writely will be undergoing scheduled maintenance this Tuesday, October 10th starting at 9pm PST.

We would prefer that you don't try to edit your documents around this time, as the site may go up and down unexpectedly for short periods -- it could be unpleasant. If you need something else to do at that time, here are some ideas:
  • In North America, check out the first game of the World Series playoffs.
  • In South America, go to sleep -- writing after midnight is not advised!
  • In Europe, spend some extra time savoring your cup of morning coffee...
  • In Asia, check out the featured videos on You Tube (or Google Video, if you prefer ;).
Once the maintenance is finished, we'll post again to let you know.

Google Account Sign-in LIVE Jen
9.21.2006 [33 comments] - Permalink

Last night we turned on Google Account sign-in for Writely. This change is fantastic for everyone because Google Accounts provide a lot more functionality and flexibility to our users than our old sign-in system did.

For example, if you use other Google services, such as Google Spreadsheets or Gmail, you'll be able to use the same login email and password for Writely. If you need to change your email address or delete your account, you can do those things in your Google Account without having to contact Writely support.

The change has gone really smoothly...probably because we tested the heck out of it over the last few weeks to make sure it worked 100%! The two issues that have come up have easy solutions, and they are:

Q: "I already have another email address with a Google Account. I don't want a second Google Account for the email address that I was using with Writely. How do I switch over from one email address to the other?"

A: We built a tool that enables you to move your documents from your old Writely account into your other Google Account. First, you log into Writely using the email address that you want to use going forward. At the bottom of the Active Documents list, there's a link that says "move documents from another Writely account." Click on that link and a wizard will walk you through the process. When that's done, you can then delete the Google Account that was created for the email address you used previously with Writely.

Q: "I don't want a Google Account. How do I delete the one that was created for my Writely email?"

A: If you delete the Google Account that was created for your Writely email, you will no longer have access to Writely or to any Writely documents. Please be sure that you want this outcome before deleting your Google Account.

If you experience any other sign-in issues, please contact Writely support.

Writely registration is now open! Jen
8.17.2006 [388 comments] - Permalink

This week, we have finished inviting everyone who's been patiently on the waiting list, and have reopened registration to the public. If you haven't already, now is the time to sign up for the Writely beta!

Why have we reopened now? Maybe it was because we just won a very nice product review on CNET ... or maybe it was that ten-billionth person who emailed us to say, "Hey what's UP? When will Writely open again?" Well, in fact, now Writely is truly ready to open its doors to everyone, so let's just do it!

By the way, we're still going to be moving to a Google Account sign-in soon, so if you don't have one already it would be great if you could take a few minutes to sign up for a Google Account, using the email address and password that you're using to log into Writely. That way when we do move to Google Account sign-in, you'll be all set.

Waitlist invitations...GO! Jen
7.25.2006 [36 comments] - Permalink

Last week we finally started sending Writely invitations to people on the waitlist. If all goes well, we should have everyone in before summer ends. And you might have already noticed that we lifted the invitation limit a few weeks ago. Now you can invite as many new folks as you like simply by adding them as collaborators on Writely documents.

Both of these developments may not seem like much, but in fact they're two important steps on the road to reopening Writely registration. The next big step is to move to a single and easy Google Account sign-in. We'll send email to Writely users a few days before making the change with instructions about migrating your account.

Please note that you can sign up now for a Google Account using any email address -- including your current Writely address. (You don't have to have one from Gmail.) Just go to http://www.google.com/accounts.

And there'll be more improvements coming in the fall -- we can hardly wait!

Scheduled Maintenance Completed Jen
6.26.2006 [45 comments] - Permalink

We finished updating Writely yesterday afternoon. You shouldn't really see any differences, but if you come across anything unexpected, please report it immediately via our contact form. We'll be monitoring technical issues even more closely than usual over the next few days.

We really appreciate your patience during the time that the site was in view-only mode!

Scheduled Maintenance on July 25th Claudia
6.23.2006 [14 comments] - Permalink

Writely will be down for scheduled maintenance this Sunday, June 25.

You will have view-only access to your documents during this time, so please plan accordingly.

To help you suffer as little as possible during this very temporary break from editing your Writely documents, we offer a few suggestions:
  • From Sam: find out who's winning the World Cup.
  • From Claudia: turn off the computer and read a book to your kids (Go, Dog. Go! is always a hit).
  • From Jen: check out Shakespeare online.
  • From Steve: if you simply must work on your documents on Sunday, save them to your hard drive and edit offline until Writely is back.

Once the maintenance is finished and the site is online again, we'll post again to let you know.

Hello...anybody there? Jen
5.09.2006 [44 comments] - Permalink

A lot of you have asked us how and when you can get Writely accounts, so we put together this quick Q&A which may answer your questions.

Q: I joined the wait list 2 weeks ago, and I still haven't gotten an invitation. When can I expect to get one?

A: Our plan is to start giving Writely accounts to folks on the wait list in early July. So if you're on it already, our goal is to give you access to Writely over the summer. If you're not on the wait list, get on it!

* * *

Q: I have a Writely account, but 12 of my friends are begging me for one. What can I do?

A: No need to wait until Writely registration opens up again. When you have a Writely account, you have the power to get your 12 friends in immediately. Just add them as collaborators on a Writely document and click "OK" to email them. You can invite up to 50 new people by adding them as collaborators to Writely documents.

* * *

Q: I have 75 students that need Writely for a class assignment in the fall - can you help?

A: As above, getting your students Writely accounts doesn't depend on registration opening up again. If you have a Writely account, invite several students and then ask them each to invite the rest. If you don't have a Writely account, get on the wait list and you'll most likely be able to get accounts for your students over the summer.

* * *

Q: So when *exactly* will you be opening registration again?

A: You have no idea how much we wish we could answer this right now! But there's still much to do, and we don't want to promise something we can't deliver. We're working as fast as we can -- really. And we really appreciate your avid interest in Writely.


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