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Net Work Sam
9.23.2005 [] - Permalink

I stole the title of this from Peter Rip, who's been doing some very good thinking about what's going on in Web 2.0 right now (hint - if you're looking for a VC who gets it, Peter is it).

I have been telling people for a while now that one of the reasons I think apps like Writely resonate, is that more and more, what you do on a daily basis happens on, in, or around the net. I'd been struggling with trying to put this concept into compact form, and Peter nailed it: Net Work.

I'll let you read the rest on his site, it's only fair. But go read - it's worth it.


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I'm wondering, as I am very ignorant of the program, can a person blog somehow with Writely?
Yep, you can post any document to your blog from the editor. Currently we only support blogger, but in the next release (in a week or so), we'll support all the major blogging engines.
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I LIKE it! Net Work =) Great 'net buzz word in the works... no pun intended =P

Wonderful luck! I can't wait to see it when it's done.

- Trisha
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