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What do you mean, closed? Steve
9.04.2005 [] - Permalink

We've heard from a lot of people who want into the Writely beta. So why did we close registration? Simply to ensure that we could provide a good experience for everyone who is already registered. That's always our top priority.

Our user base doubled overnight... and then doubled again... and then tripled... and then tripled again. We've planned for scale, but the overwhelming interest threatend to run ahead of our buildout. Hence, the temporary suspension of new accounts.

The good news is, we're accelerating our scaling plan. If you're already on the waiting list, you should be hearing from us in the next few days. If you haven't signed up yet, well, take a number. We'll reopen registration as soon as the backlog has been cleared. In the meantime, rest assured that if you sign up on the waiting list, we'll get to you sooner rather than later. As Claudia noted in the previous post, you can also get an account by asking someone else to share a document with you.


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