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Tools and more tools Sam
10.21.2005 [] - Permalink

First off, I wanted to announce that the excellent guys over at NetVibes have added support for Writely. So now you can have your list of active Writely documents, or the revisions from a specific document, or set of tags, appear on your NetVibes home page.

Second, we've heard from some folks who'd like us to do something similar to Flock for grabbing parts of a web page and adding it to a document for blogging. We might do this ourselves, but I thought it would be a nice opportunity to see if anyone wanted to do it for us. I think it's a pretty simple, fun, little bookmarklet to write.

More generally, as we've talked to more folks, we're starting to get offers to integrate and extend Writely. We're very interested in this. I wanted to say here that, if you have something you'd like to do to extend us, drop me a line and I'll be happy to help get you started. We had to make some minor changes to our app to get NetVibes going, we don't mind doing this sort of thing.

Finally, we'll be announcing more of these mashups in the near future - at least one next week...


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