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Hello...anybody there? Jen
5.09.2006 [] - Permalink

A lot of you have asked us how and when you can get Writely accounts, so we put together this quick Q&A which may answer your questions.

Q: I joined the wait list 2 weeks ago, and I still haven't gotten an invitation. When can I expect to get one?

A: Our plan is to start giving Writely accounts to folks on the wait list in early July. So if you're on it already, our goal is to give you access to Writely over the summer. If you're not on the wait list, get on it!

* * *

Q: I have a Writely account, but 12 of my friends are begging me for one. What can I do?

A: No need to wait until Writely registration opens up again. When you have a Writely account, you have the power to get your 12 friends in immediately. Just add them as collaborators on a Writely document and click "OK" to email them. You can invite up to 50 new people by adding them as collaborators to Writely documents.

* * *

Q: I have 75 students that need Writely for a class assignment in the fall - can you help?

A: As above, getting your students Writely accounts doesn't depend on registration opening up again. If you have a Writely account, invite several students and then ask them each to invite the rest. If you don't have a Writely account, get on the wait list and you'll most likely be able to get accounts for your students over the summer.

* * *

Q: So when *exactly* will you be opening registration again?

A: You have no idea how much we wish we could answer this right now! But there's still much to do, and we don't want to promise something we can't deliver. We're working as fast as we can -- really. And we really appreciate your avid interest in Writely.

Thanks very much for this information! I have been on the wait list for over a month... checking back every day while at school (no access to email).

This will be tremendously helpful when it is released! I don't like having to use floppy disks to carry around reports and stuff, so this will get rid of the need. And I'll never be able to forget my hardcopy of my report!

Please make the release soon! [excitement]

I think this program is an amazing idea and I can't wait to try it out.

Josh W
Administrator for wikiHow.com
Hey, an official Google blog with comments on!

Nice job with Writely -- I especially like how you can (ab)use the program as multimedia multi-user chat. You mention "there's still much to do," what exactly is planned for future releases?
You can always get an invite from me, I've given tons out and have plenty left:

Thanks for the heads up on the future Jen, great words to see.
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Hi I on the waiting list and am excited by the news you've given out. All I can say is "YaY!"
I'm excited for you guys, all the best. I'm waiting for some awesome features from Google and a simplified User Interface.
Anch'io aspetto;
il G Writely lo vorrei internazionalizzato fin dall'inizio e .... lo vorrei anche vedere presentato come qualcosa di più di .... yet another G tool ....
English version of IT comment (with correct Writely Forum Thread address):
I am waiting too ... and ... if Writely is not going to be just-another-"G"-tool ... i would love to consider and debate the possibility of a new name... see Writely Forum Thread: http://forum.writely.com/showthread.php?t=542
I've been waiting for the free sign-up since I've read that Google bought writely. Too bad I haven't known it before.
SO desparate for writely account, this could be the answer to my low key but unorganized to do list and project managament needs. I am so micro managed and my boss makes me keeps over 100 projects as one long laundry list in a world document. I am about to go crazy with the non stop highlighting and formatting brouhaha that I keep gettting. Please anyone out there, a writely invite?
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Just received my account and looking forward to using the program.
I am looking forward to this opening up. If anyone has an inviite available I would appreciate it.
I'd like to get one as well.


Thank you
I feel sorry to have to say that, im not the kind of people who begs for things... but I would appreciate a lot if someone could invite me.


Lot of thanks in advance. I think this tool can be usefull to develop software too, imagine an entire group working on same code at the same time anywhere, with just an internet browser... I like the idea ^^
Um.. so when is Writely coming back?we So we can use it?
Hi there,

We need a web based word processor to incorporate in an ASP platform that hooks up thousands of european small businesses and start ups...how can we explore this option with you?

you can mail me at nick_seven@btconnect.com
Be loved forever and ever - give me a writely invitation...
Mats Lykke
I am looking forward to this opening up. If anyone has an inviite available I would appreciate it.


Please keep the name writely. you don't need g in the name (as some have suggested) Even Google Writeley sound awkward. Perhaps Writely ("from google" in small text)
Wondering what Google going to do with .NET stuff Writely written based on. Is the whole thing will be completely recoded or just adapted? BTW, which version of framework is being used?
Might anyone have any invites left? if so,my e-mail is celebi23@gmail.com
Writely is awesome! I do wonder if the future will offer more variety in type sizes and fonts.
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Won't someone please inveter-me
to Writerly?

jesseca at gmail dot com
hello friend take caer of your life.my email is akwin42@gmail.com.
good things come to those who wait.
I'm trying to be patient here in London, uk
I'm waiting quite some time now for a new writely account. I read that anyone who already has an account can invite others.
So if anyone has an invite left, please invite me. My mailaddress is: taamnepeid@gmail.com
Writely staff has a lot to offer google. The user interface is designed much better than Google's current spreadsheet application.
I've only heard about Writely and I'm as excited about this program as any I've been introduced to. Can't wait for the waiting list to start to clear.

Go ahead, make my day. Invite me .... Please!!

You'll be my friend forever!

the.jmason at gmail.com
please could I have a writely invite, cheers!

morebeer2000 AT yahoo DT com
You can always go to Zohowriter, register for an account and get writing in a matter of seconds. Great full featured service. Free.

They also have a spredsheet.
Check your e-mails morebeer.
So, is it really that easy to get a writely account? Just ask for an invite? I'm feeling silly, I've been on the wait list since March.

Please email me an invite (if available).

I have been on the wait list forever!!! Still nothing!!

I can't believe that we are all expected to come here begging! Is this really the system that the Writely folks want to put into place? (Want an account? Go Begging and destroy and possibility of a meaningful exchange of ideas at the writely blog!)
I'm really getting quite annoyed. All of the big hype...everybody waiting...and you plus Google can't manage to get this thing off of the ground??? It's going into the last half of July now, with still no word. You "Writely" people and Google are just pathetic. Well, there is one word for all the Writely jazz crap. RUDE !!!
If anyone has an available invite for Writely I would be forever indebted.

I would love a Writely invite if anybody out there has one. Thanks!

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Thanks very much for this information! I have been on the wait list for over a month... checking back every day while at school (no access to email).

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