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Google Account Sign-in LIVE Jen
9.21.2006 [] - Permalink

Last night we turned on Google Account sign-in for Writely. This change is fantastic for everyone because Google Accounts provide a lot more functionality and flexibility to our users than our old sign-in system did.

For example, if you use other Google services, such as Google Spreadsheets or Gmail, you'll be able to use the same login email and password for Writely. If you need to change your email address or delete your account, you can do those things in your Google Account without having to contact Writely support.

The change has gone really smoothly...probably because we tested the heck out of it over the last few weeks to make sure it worked 100%! The two issues that have come up have easy solutions, and they are:

Q: "I already have another email address with a Google Account. I don't want a second Google Account for the email address that I was using with Writely. How do I switch over from one email address to the other?"

A: We built a tool that enables you to move your documents from your old Writely account into your other Google Account. First, you log into Writely using the email address that you want to use going forward. At the bottom of the Active Documents list, there's a link that says "move documents from another Writely account." Click on that link and a wizard will walk you through the process. When that's done, you can then delete the Google Account that was created for the email address you used previously with Writely.

Q: "I don't want a Google Account. How do I delete the one that was created for my Writely email?"

A: If you delete the Google Account that was created for your Writely email, you will no longer have access to Writely or to any Writely documents. Please be sure that you want this outcome before deleting your Google Account.

If you experience any other sign-in issues, please contact Writely support.

you said we can delete the google account you are setting up for writely users, if we already have an existing google account.

How do we know what the account name is that you will be setting up for us?
Will you change the interface design to be more similar with another google's things?
I am not happy. Felt like I had to jump through hoops to get at my docs today. Found it confusing. Anyway, switched over to my Google account and now Google/Writely says "we'd like more information about you" - so I enter the info - reluctantly - and then Writely hangs . . . I can't access anything.
Looked great and I was using it when it frooze and now is not accessable. Fixing some bugs or something?

I'd love to finish my paper I was typing that is due tomorrow argh!

Nice work on the interference though! I must say, it works. That's a lot more then I can say about Google Spreadsheets. They won't work at all on my Ubuntu Linux computer. My CPU usage jumps to 100% and the UI crawls to a near halt. Not with Writely though!
Yay it's back up!
> If you delete the Google Account that was created for your Writely email, you will no longer have access to Writely or to any Writely documents.

need a clarification here: I moved all my documents to my original Google Mail Google Account. If I choose to delete the account Writely automatically created, I will continue to have access to the Writely documents accessed by my Google Mail login - correct?
writely is not integrated at all to google account: when i press the "e-mail in" button to send a document, a writely's email account appears, instead my gmail account.

I also think writely has to have the same design of little blues than another google's programs like spreadsheets or gmail.

One Problem is that the sign-up tab links makes you sign-up for an old account.
Update on last comment:
It just redirected me to the new sign up page.
The Google Account that we set up for you uses the same email address and password that you've been using all along for your Writely account.


We had a half-hour outage last night ~7:30-8pm, which is why Writely hung for you. Everything should be good now.
I would like to see Writely fully integrated with GMail, GCalendar, Google Desktop, etc.

Meanwhile, keep up the good work. I can't wait to see further progress on this!
I would love to see Writely fully integrated with GMail, GCal, Google Desktop, etc.

Meanwhile, keep up the good work! I can't wait to see further progress on this program!
RE: "The Google Account that we set up for you uses the same email address and password that you've been using all along for your Writely account."

Ok, I am confused.. if my original writely account was john@abc.com, are you saying this is the same email address used by the google account?

I thought google accounts had to end in gmail.com??
Dear Jen: if Writely is part of google accounts, why it doesn't appear in Google Labs?
I love it! Now I don't have to log in again when I'm already in Gmail... =) thanks a lot!
Jen... where are you? :'(

when will Writely appear in Google Labs?
I find this really frustrating and feel like I've lost all my documents with this Google switch over. I try logging in with my gmail account, like I always have, but can't get in using my old password or my gmail password. Then I try the "forgot my password" option, and it says it will send a new password to my gmail account and nothing comes. This is really really frustrating - I want my documents. I never thought I would lose them.
Have now figured out the problem. The writely login screen at


doesn't seem to work anymore, at least with gmail accounts. Someone should fix this. To access, you have to go back to the Writely front page, which is now a Google page, with an excessively long URL to link to - I liked the simple writely URL.
congrats on the changeover to google sign in, no problems here, looking forward to more integration ;-)
hi, i just noticed that writely appears in the "all my services" section in gmail, nice touch, keep up the good work
Thank you very much! I was hoping you'd integrate it with the Google Acct.

It's a common misperception that you have to have a Gmail email address in order to have a Google Account. In fact, you can establish a Google Account for *any* email address.


i'll ask again to someone answer me:


Anyone know if Writely is compatible with Blogger Beta yet? Also, last I heard, Blogger for Word is incompatible as well. Right now, I have to copy and paste my documents to my blog. That is rather lame!

Just started my new writely account today and it's amazing. Exactly the collaboration solution that I was looking. Well Almost.

1) I would need to store attachements (non document example files) on an online hosting service that supports access control. Since Google does not have one (right?), my colleuges would require two username passwords, one for accessing the documents and one for accesing the examples.

2) I am not sure but I think that anyone that has viewing rights (in my case customres) to the document will expose his name. Wouldn't it expose my customer list?

Itai Frenkel
Writely doc Titles arent getting transferred to the Blog when published.
This needs to be done manually looks like.
Any idea when this will be fixed?
The move to Google seems to have gone smoothly for me - all my Writely stuff is there. However, I'd like to know if you are going to let us use the old Writely interface. I don't like the way it looks in Google, I preferred Writely. Since other people will probably feel the pother way, perhaps you could set up an option on how it appears?

Yesterday I used the writely google doc for the first time. unfortunately i can't seem to find any place which states that complicated looking email address anymore. how do i find it again? sorry if this is obvious to others.
how can i can delete some of my google account services..like blogger,page creator,google reader,groups,etc.
to google. I need to close my account and I don't know how to do that is there any help offered?
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